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We provide deliveries of beef, both frozen and refrigerated.

Our offer consists of:

​Beef components:
● boneless neck
● neck with bone
● shoulder
● shoulder heart
● chunk tender
● under blade
● shank
● plate
● prime rib
● striploin
● tenderloin
● silverside
● topside
● rump
● knuckle meat
● eyeround
● stew meat
● burger meat
● trimming 80/20
● beef fat

Selected meat, characterised by a high degree of marbling, mainly intended for
restaurants and hotels:
● tomahawk
● prime rib eye steak
● prime rib with bone (with casing)
● striploin steak (New York steak)
● striploin with bone
● T-bone (striploin with bone and tenderloin)
● centres
● tenderloin 2 kg+ (thick tenderloin heart)


Meat and offals




The best offers customized to the client’s needs


Quality control

Concern for the quality and security of each transaction



Organisation of transport and sea crossings.
Transport fleet.

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